Call for challenges – The road to Smart city Live

The development of the program Road to Smart City Live is a co production of TINL/RVO, G5 with the support of program manager Ilse Leeninga.

Mid November the digital Smart City Live event is hosted by the Fira, instead of the yearly Smart City World Expo in Barcelona. In advance to this, we organize the road to Smart City Live. This event is focused around 2 things; developing the innovation system and be connected in an early stage of developing solutions for city challenges. The focus around innovation and cooperation for solutions for the future is what is setting this event apart from the tradeshow Smart City Live. As this event is about cooperation, consortium building and solving challenges from cities, you are invited to share your challenges and host a workshop during these days. The event will be held on Monday November 2nd, Monday November 9th & Monday November 16th.

The workshops can be roughly divided into 3 subcategories;

City challenges

A pan-European call for challenges will be send out. Cities that have challenges can describe them through a predefined format. This challenge will be the main subject of the workshop. Together with other cities and companies the city will explore possible solutions for the challenge described. This can be a series of workshops, focusing on different parts of the challenge or a single workshop if the challenge is really focused.

Consortium forming to complete systems

Companies tend to have a technology which needs to be placed into a bigger system to be of any value to a city. This kind of workshops are focused on system integration and forming consortia to cover a system approach rather than a technology approach. It is all about connecting the pieces of the puzzle.

Access to finance

These are informative sessions. Within these workshops participants will be guided into the world of financing innovative breakthroughs and platform development.  

Are you willing to host a workshop of have another fantastic idea for the international Smart City community? Please contact us at