Continue together with Future City

We live in a fantastic time. Through digitization and technology, the functioning of our regions, cities and villages are fully under discussion. And that offers enormous opportunities to take on the challenges we have in a new way, to truly become sustainable cities and to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Safeguard our democratic values ​​in a rapidly changing world. We will succeed if governments, the business community and technology professionals together put their shoulders to the wheel. As one we can solve problems and capitalize on opportunities. By inspiring each other, learning from each other and coming up with and developing new solutions together. We are doing so at the Future City Foundation. We facilitate communication between governments and companies. We think together about frameworks and opportunities. And we are active in projects, such as in SCOREwater, where we work together with professionals from Amersfoort, Gothenburg and Barcelona. In this way, we work on regions, cities and villages that are not only smart but above all liveable, democratic and pleasant. This is the way we want it.

Want to find out what you can do within the field of smart cities? Read about it in the book “A smart city, this is how you do it – Connected, flexible and meaningful: make the real future city”. Don’t hestitate to reach out to the Future City Foundation and discuss your smart city-plans with us. Go to this page to order the book for free.

The original version of the book is in Dutch, click here to order the original edition. From this book is made an English summary. In the English version, we focus on trends.