Smart? City!

We are currently living in an outrageous era, in which we are connected to everything and everyone. That is why things have changed. Until one century ago, it was not possible to experience anything without actually being there. But that is ancient history. Cities have possession of a layer of data. A layer that measures, passes on, investigates and interpretates. We have become an internet of people within an internet of things. A transformation which has just as much impact as the implementation of electricity.

This transformation is sometimes called smart city, but if we really want the city to become smart, we have to think further than smart applications and we have to observe how and why cities are currently changing. Therefore, we should not only focus on tech, but also on how we will live together in the future, and how that is changing. Tech is not a goal in itself, but an inevitable gamechanger. The transformations consist of three bases:

  1. We are always conneted to everything and everyone
  2. Our flexibility is boundless
  3. Meaningful locations are therefore more important

These three bases are changing everything in cities. The way we are living, working, shopping and relaxing. It provides wonderful chances, but it also involves new challenges. In short, the layer of data does not only cause technical questions, but also social challenges and dilemmas. Therefore, we have to design the layer in order to create a fitting quality of life, that allows economical and personal development. If we make that our goal, cities and societies will become future proof. The main goal that Future City is willing to reach.

Future City connects
How can we control the layer of data? With vision. That is why urban planners and technerds should assemble and work together.  Future City makes that possible.
There is a gap between urban planners on one hand and technerds on the other hand. Technerds often know little about urban issues. At the same time, uban planners do not think that they are involved in smart cities. That’s why these fields should cooperate to create new solutions and shape a vision for our areas, cities and villages.

Future City stimulates
Future City organises events which realise the exchange of knowledge, thoughts and solutions between technerds and urban planners. During those events, social challenges will be the point of focus. In this way thew can learn from each other and work together. Urbanists will find new urban solutions and technerds will find new products which are conncected to the actual demand of the market. Future City creates this fortunate situation.

Future City has the ability to convert new ideas into concrete solutions. The conversation will not end in a debate, but in the creation of a prototype. Future City uses the European FIWARE-architecture and also owns their FIREWARE-Lab, to connect Dutch challenges to solutions elsewhere, and the other way around for product developers is this a gate to the European market.

Join Future City
Future City is not able to reach their goals on their own. Partners are required. Partners who support us, come up with social challenges, are willing to share their knowledge and take action with regard to our smart city. We are proud of our curent partners. Join us! What kind of partner you want to be, is up to you. From having plenty of influence to solely participation in our events. Also, by using our products that ensure the right solutions for an area, city or village.

Interested? Please contact Jan-Willem Wesselink  ( or Tom Willebrandts ( Or use our contact form.

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