Recap online get-together #3 on air quality with imec

UPDATE: The Online Get-Togethers will not be operated by Zoom any more. We use Webex.

This weeks guest speaker at our online get-together was Valerio Panzica La Manna, Program Manager Air Quality at imec, who showed how real-time monitoring, for example of air quality, can lead to better decision making.

Have you missed the talk or would you like to watch it again? On our YouTube channel you can find the stream.

In September 2019 we visited imec at their office in Antwerp (Belgium) with a group of 30 alderman and their strategic advisors from the Netherlands, to see how digital twins and data-driven policy making changes the way decisions are being made. We continue our exploration in the Future City project Realtime Omgevingsbeleid (Real-time Environmental Policy). Because we belief data insight can lead to better informed decisions and thus to better policy.

At imec, the Belgium-based R&D and innovation hub, they work on Air Quality IoT Testbeds. Where a multi-disciplinary team of researchers and engineers pushing innovation in sensor technology, wireless sensor networks, and algorithms, to enable fine-grained, precise and cost-effective air quality monitoring in smart cities and buildings.

Learn more about the project in Antwerp on this link.

Also have a look at the Snifferbike-project, where bikes monitor the air quality.
And checkout the Schone Lucht Akkoord.

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