Recap Online Get-Together #6: Smart City Lessons From South Korea

In South Korea the smart city is already becoming reality. With the first project in Songdo and a new governmental project in Busan: an unique platform-based smart city. What can we learn from South Korea’s smart city approach and how can their demand create a new market for businesses worldwide. Special guest Jong-Sung Hwang, Master Planner of the Smart City of Busan in South Korea joined us for the 6th Online Get-Together. Watch the livestream above.

This online get-together is made possible by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO).

Click here to download the presentation of Mr Jong-Sung Hwang. (12,7 MB)

Busan Eco Delta Smart City

Busan Eco Delta City aims to become an international hub and a waterfront ecological city where the history, nature, and people coexist in harmony and joy. The city has 4 major objectives:

  • 1 – Smart Life for Future – Spatial planning to enable smart living Smart streets connecting the nature, people and technology
  • 2 – Smart Link for Sharing  Environmental benefits of the city shared by everyone 5-minute access to water and green from anywhere in the city
  • 3 – Smart Place for Everyone – Inclusive city for diversity for QOL Cultural Front (culture + waterfront)
  • 4 – Urban Planning for Smart City – Five-innovations cluster to create decent jobs Operational base for the city as a platform View below a short impression of the Busan Eco Delta Smart City.

Jong-Sung Hwang, Master Planner of the Smart City of Busan illustrates how these key ideas are realized and which challenges they face in the process of designing. In addition we looked at the experiences South Korea has had with COVID-19 and previously with the epidemics MERS and SARS, and how this has led to more digitalisation of the cities. His talk is followed by a Q&A session.

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