SCOREwater: Smart use of water

The philosophy of the smart city is based in part on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which deal with the liveable city, among other things. Increasing the resilience of cities to the effects of climate change, increasing urbanization and keeping cities liveable in this way, is what SDG 11 focuses on. SCOREwater is working towards a “water-smart” society, where the management of wastewater, rainwater and flooding in the city is under control. Cecilia Arocena, Chief Marketing Officer at SCOREwater and Future City Foundation: “Our focus is on developing and testing water-smart digital solutions and best practices to increase the resilience of cities.”

Water management plays an important role in today’s city due to increasing water risks because of climate change. For that reason, smart water management is necessary for keeping the city liveable. SCOREwater responds to this by monitoring and analyzing water in the city by using sensors and digital models.

This is a pre-publication of the book “A smart city, this is how you do it – Connected, flexible and meaningful: make the real future city”. Want to read more about SCOREwater and how they operate? Go to this page to order the book for free.

The original version of the book is in Dutch, click here to order the original edition. From this book is made an English summary. In the English version, we focus on trends.