This is how you do it

If through digitization and technology, through the internet, the whole world changes, how does our world change? Our work, our life, the way we design our regions, cities and villages, how do we design, manage, control and use them? This question fascinated us from the moment that we established the Future City Foundation. And this question is central to this book.

Of course, we find the technology very fascinating. Of course, we are impressed by the possibilities that are being conceived by technology professionals. But what does this change mean for us? How can we achieve more liveability in regions, cities and villages? How can we use that technology to make the city inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable, open and democratic?

This book is the result of many discussions – in halls and on Whatsapp – between 27 partners who are all, in their way, involved with the administration, design and organization, the management of our regions, cities and villages. The fascinating thing about those discussions was that nobody exactly understood how the transition, due to digitization and technology, would unfold. But they all realized that their profession would no longer remain the same. Those conversations took place in a cheerful, optimistic atmosphere. Based on the belief that cities continue to exist and that people continue to live in towns and villages and that we are responsible for making this as pleasant as possible.

This is a pre-publication of the book “A smart city, this is how you do it – Connected, flexible and meaningful: make the real future city”. With theory in the form of essays. And few practical examples of how our regions, cities and villages have already changed. Want to read more? Go to this page to order the book for free.

The original version of the book is in Dutch, click here to order the original edition. From this book is made an English summary. In the English version, we focus on trends.