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Contact details: 
Looking for the contact information of someone you spoke to at the Smart City Expo in Barcelona, but want more information? You have spoken with:

  1. Amersfoort
  2. Argaleo
  3. Civity
  4. DHM
  6. Sittard-Geleen
  7. SIX
  8. VodafoneZiggo
  9. WeCity
  10. Welabs
  11. Zwolle
  12. Future City Foundation


You can find more information below about the organizations and their projects that were presented at the Expo in Barcelona. Would you like to engage in conversation? Feel free to get in touch!


LIVE offers the right insights for the (re)development of your city, providing innovative geo-solutions and data in a 3D environment. Gain a clear and up-to-date perspective for climate adaptation measurements.

LIVE is currently transforming the Liendert district of Amersfoort, located in the heart of The Netherlands. However, its potential extends far beyond – helping you create a greener, healthier, and more livable city. The municipality of Amersfoort has an active role in this project and contributes with the Liendert district as a pilot area for application and further development of the mentioned geo-solutions. LIVE is an Earth Valley project and supported by the European Union.

More information – (in Dutch) or send an Email to


Argaleo Urban Digital Twins offer a transformative approach to city planning and collaboration. By creating a dynamic virtual representation of urban environments, digital twins provide a comprehensive, real-time view of infrastructure, resources, and systems. This holistic perspective ensures that all stakeholders – from city planners to residents – have access to accurate and up-to-date information.

As a result, the transparency provided by digital twins fosters trust among all parties involved. When everyone can visualize the impact of potential decisions and access the same data-driven insights, it nurtures a collaborative spirit. Such an inclusive and transparent approach not only streamlines decision-making but also bolsters confidence and trust in collaborative urban projects, ensuring a shared vision for a city’s future.

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Contact details – Argaleo:

  • Name:                           Jeroen Steenbakkers
  • Title:                              CEO
  • E-mail:                 
  • Phone number:           +31629326841




With our knowledge of local authorities, our understanding of urban processes, our belief in the power of networks and our passion for data, we contribute to the development of smart cities. Where data is at the service of smart applications that reduce operational costs, lead to sustainable solutions and improve services.

With a hands-on approach and based on extensive practical experience, Civity collects, stores and unlocks data from providers. We ensure that this data is safely and reliably available for innovative applications.

MetaMeticulate – Metadata improvement initiative

Metadata is vital to keep data flowing. The aim of MetaMeticulate – the metadata improvement initiative is to increase the quality of metadata through an iterative do-check-act process. Characteristics describe at a high-level which aspects of metadata quality should be measured. This could, for example, be the FAIR data principles mentioned, or the data maturity model. Metrics act as key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure those characteristics and are used to assign a quality score to a metadata record. By periodically going through this automated process, the quality of metadata and data is increased. This promotes the reuse of data and supports organizations in taking the next step in data-driven working.

More information: or

Contact details – Civity:

  • Name:                          Roelof Schram
  • Title:                             Managing Director
  • E-mail:                
  • Phone number:            +31 624716603
  • Name:                          Bas Vanmeulebrouk
  • Title:                             Product Manager
  • E-mail:                
  • Phone number:            +31 612531505


  • Name:                          Mathieu Ronkes Agerbeek
  • Title:                             Business Consultant
  • E-mail:                
  • Phone number:            +31 629119533




DHM believes in a sustainable future in which people can move, work and live in a safe, healthy, inclusive and resilient environment.

Today’s most important urban challenges require a different view and approach. They require an integrated approach that extends across traditional departments and disciplines. This makes tasks seems more complex and new sustainability rules create a different dynamic.

The question is: is it complex or different? Our answer is different. We have discovered that an important key lies in the way in which we jointly approach and shape tasks and assignments. We call this the “how” phase. This helps to search for a concrete way of organizing based on a shared goal that delivers clarity, trust and results.

Based on our experiences over the past 10 years, DHM has created a model that we would like to share with you. The SAM model, which stands for Realise ambitions together.

Contact details – DHM:

  • Name:                          Willem de Kock
  • Title:                             Lead consultant Urban transformation (DHM advice process- and projectmanagement)
  • E-mail:                
  • Phone number:            +31 657970809

  • Name:                          Onno Willemse
  • Title:                             COO & Partner (DHM advice process- and projectmanagement)
  • E-mail:                
  • Phone number:            +31 610940271



A media and communications office for Smart City projects and organizations. We initiate new projects and show your innovations, concepts and products to the right target groups. Tell about it! So that others don’t have to reinvent the wheel. In this way we can take bigger steps in the right direction together to achieve digitalization faster. And that’s necessary to come up with better solutions more quickly for the accumulation of social challenges we face.

One of the projects we initiated together with other partners is Pientere Tuinen. Pientere Tuinen is a unique citizen science project to create more green gardens in the Netherlands. We measure; Garden owners who participate receive a soil sensor that measures ground level temperature and soil moisture. Results are shown on their own dashboard, a smart meter for the garden. We create awareness; Through targeted information, garden owners are made aware of the benefits of a green garden. They also receive tips to make their garden even more green. We do research; The data is used to investigate the effects on environmental and health aspects. In addition, the motivation for greening and behavioral effects of different intervention strategies are examined. By also combining various other innovative tools, such as the ‘BomenMonitor’ and the ‘Steenbreek Altas’, municipalities receive the right information to further improve their policy for a liveable city.

More information –    – (in Dutch)

Contact details – ELBA\REC:

  • Name:                           Arjan Ankerman
  • Title:                              Marketing Director
  • E-mail:                
  • Phone number:            +31 621878482



Welcome to the living lab of Sittard-Geleen: Zeeheldenbuurt

The city of Sittard-Geleen faces significant challenges that demand innovative solutions. Innovation is at the core of our mission, and to harness the power of creativity, we’ve embarked on a remarkable journey in collaboration with the Zeeheldenbuurt residents, entrepreneurs, and various organizations. Welcome to the Zeeheldenbuurt Living Lab, our innovative playground.

In the Living Lab, we’re pioneering advancements in three focused areas: the smart city, climate adaptation, and community participation. Our Living Lab is designed with several key objectives in mind:

  1. Fostering Trust in Our Residents: We aim to build strong resident trust, empowering residents and businesses to reimagine and reorganize their initiatives.
  2. Learning through Applied Innovation: The innovations tested and refined within our Living Lab will serve as valuable learning experiences, making it possible to replicate these successes in other locations.
  3. Sharing Lessons Far and Wide: We are committed to sharing the insights gained from our experiments, both within and beyond the municipal organization.

With the Living Lab, we’re striving for a resilient community where resident trust is the cornerstone, where residents, organizations, entrepreneurs, and government come together to enhance our living environment. Join us in shaping a brighter, more sustainable future for and experience innovation in action at Zeeheldenbuurt Living Lab.

More information? Watch the video here!

Contact details – Sittard-Geleen:

  • Name:                          Marjolein Pauly
  • Title:                             Policy advisor Innovation & Public space
  • E-mail:                
  • Phone number:            +31 636110364



SIX advises governments and market parties in preparing spatial developments and completing the necessary procedures. But we are also happy to assist you with permits required for the operation of companies or the use of buildings.

Environmental law
Environmental law concerns our living environment and includes spatial administrative law, environmental law, nature conservation law and water law. Environmental law cannot be ignored when developing (real estate) projects. It is important that the parties involved are aware of this and anticipate possible permits and other permissions in a timely manner. Topics that may be discussed include: the zoning plan, permits for deviation from the zoning plan, sustainability requirements, protection of natural values, environmental impact assessment, building and monument permits, permits under the Housing Act and all kinds of other permits required for the realization of projects. and the operation of businesses or the use of buildings. We can also help you prepare your organization for the introduction of the Environmental Act.

Other administrative law
In addition to advice and procedural assistance in the field of general administrative law, we focus, among other things, on European administrative law, subsidy law, supervision, enforcement and administrative fines, municipal law (and the law of other lower authorities), public order, privacy legislation and the Public Access Act. of management.

More information SIX advocaten (

Contact details – SIX:

  • Name:                         Anita Nijboer
  • Title:                            Partner/lawyer in environmental law SIX Advocaten
  • E-mail:               
  • Phone number:           +31 20 305 7410





In today’s dynamic landscape, the key to success lies in collaboration. The Green Innovation Hub firmly believe in the power of partnerships between companies, government and educational institutions to drive innovation, growth and positive change. In a world where technology connects us in unique ways, the Minecraft Almere Pampus Challenge exemplified the power of communities coming together to achieve remarkable feats.

It’s inspiring to witness the incredible work of our young talents. They are the architects of the future and they’re currently building virtual cities where companies can find their next digital solutions. Whether you represent a company, government department, or educational institution, we invite you to connect and explore how we can collaborate to make a meaningful impact on our shared goals.

  1. Fresh Perspectives
  2. Cutting-Edge Tech
  3. Collaboration Opportunities

Together, we’ll keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the Minecraft universe and to build the house – or even the city of the future.

More information – 

Contact details – VodafoneZiggo:

  • Name:                          Rene Visser
  • Title:                            co-founder
  • E-mail:                 




Sensor Management Platform

The Sensor Management Platform is the first building block of an Open Urban Platform.

It provides cities the tool to identify, register and offer transparency to its habitants which sensors are placed where in the public space and for which goal. This can be a simple IoT sensor, but could also include camera’s and for example traffic light controllers. Basically anything that sends out data!

The platform offers easy access for city managers from different departments to manage their sensors in the public space. Next to that, a dedicated city website is provided where citizens can find all the relevant information they need about a sensor. Additionally, the performance of all these sensors can be monitored and provided with different triggers and alarms so that subcontractors, managers etc. can add dedicated actions to each trigger. It also provides a complete environment to manage all your contracts linked to your digital assets.

Furthermore, The data which is collected through the sensors can be offered in the market place of an Open Urban Platform so other parties can use this data to improve their services or develop new solutions.
WeCity offers a full scale Open Urban Platform from where you can manage all your digital assets in the public space as well as offer a space for your organisation, companies and citizens to publish and retrieve relevant data and products.

More information

Contact details – WeCity:



WE Labs

Connecting People and Building Coalitions. Acting throughout a network of governmental bodies, commercial enterprises, educational institutions and branche organisations WE Labs develops inspiring projects, viable business cases and operational coalitions. We act as developer, quarter master, connector, counselor or program manager and we are always at the start of innovative initiatives.

WE started with the insight that major topics within society are of such complexity that it requires close cooperation between stakeholders and application of innovative processes in order to reach success. And we the insight that today’s issues cannot be solved with yesterday’s technology.

All of this WE supports actively by building coalitions and innovative projects in the societal domain, while supporting it with funding and expertise. The building, activation and maintenance of public-private ecosystems is at the centre of what we do, involving knowledge institutes where possible.

WE = You & I

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Contact details – WE Labs:

  • Name:                           Klaes Sikkema
  • Title:                              Partner
  • E-mail:                 
  • Phone number:             06 43044837


Municipal policy is crucial for translating sustainability goals into action, such as transitioning from natural gas and greening urban areas for climate resilience.

These complex issues require a flexible policy approach and active citizen involvement, necessitating credible and understandable data tailored to the community. However, a portion of the population has limited data literacy, struggling to interpret complex sustainability visualizations. This presents a dual challenge for municipal professionals: engaging a diverse citizenry and simplifying data visualizations. This project aims to tackle these challenges by developing a “First Aid for Data-Driven Citizen Participation in Sustainability Policy” toolbox.

In collaboration with three municipalities and their citizens, the project creates and tests accessible data visualizations, sets up participation processes, and evaluates their application in climate adaptation and energy transition cases. The insights gained will inform the toolbox, providing practical tools for data-driven citizen participation in sustainability policy and fostering the adoption of data-driven practices within municipalities, ensuring inclusive and effective sustainable development.

To read more, please click here

Contact details – Zwolle:

  • Name:                           Henk Vonk
  • Title:                              Strategic advisor on knowledge and innovation
  • E-mail:                 
  • Phone number:            +31 (0)38 4983159

Future City Foundation 

The Future City Foundation is a “movement of communities” dedicated to the digitization and technologization of regions, cities and villages. We connect professionals at municipalities, businesses and other organizations to work together to turn those regions, cities and villages into smart communities with a healthier living environment, as intended by United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and in line with our European democratic values.

Contact details – Future City Foundation:

  • Name:                          Jan-Willem Wesselink
  • Title:                             Program manager
  • E-mail:                 
  • Phone number:            +31 628638426
  • Name:                          Zoë Spaaij
  • Title:                             Project Manager
  • E-mail:                
  • Phone number:            +31 650586953


  • Name:                          Yvonne Kemmerling
  • Title:                             President Future City
  • E-mail:                
  • Phone number:            +31 33 8700 100