Workshop on the platform city

18 November | 10:00 (CET) | Online | ENG

Mr. Jong-Sung Hwang Master planner of the Smart City of Busan in South Korea joins us again to share his knowledge. This time in a workshop format. The workshop will take place on Wednesday November 18 at 10:00-11:00 (CET). It will be in English. 

During this workshop we will take a look at the platform city. How does it look like? How does it function? How do you create such a city? Why would you want to create such a city? All these and many more questions will be answered. Reserve your spot by signing up below!  


Still not convinced? Please take a look at the recording of Mr. Jong-Sung Hwang’s previous ‘digital visit’ to us. During this session he went into the lessons that can be learned from South Korea’s smart city approach.  


This workshop is part of the Smart City NL week. On the initiative of the G40 city network, in collaboration with BTG, FIWARE,  FC, and City Deal ‘A smart city, this is how you do it’,