WOW Dinner Barcelona 2019

On the 18th November 2019 the WOW Dinner, Future City Foundation & Kring – Dutch Business Club Barcelona – organized a networking dinner for 120 guests before the Smart City Expo World Congress at the beautiful location of the Restaurant Club of the World Trade Center in the Port of Barcelona.

The theme for the first Spanish edition was “Let’s work together (governments, organizations, companies, academia) to build an inclusive and sustainable Smart City addressing several of the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030!”

About the WOW Dinner
The WOW Dinner is part of an inspirational global series of networking events aimed at promoting diversity and the empowerment of women in tech and related industries. At each WOW Dinner, women and men come together to network, learn and be inspired by those in attendance, as well by the speakers behind the podium. It often draws an international crowd of tech enthusiasts who understand the value that diversity in our teams and companies brings not just to the business world, but to the larger society. The WOW Dinner is called one of the Top 50+ communities for underrepresented founders in Europe by the Financial Times.


  • Opening speaker Jan Versteeg, ambassador of The Netherlands in Spain

  • Guest speaker Maria José Chesa Marro Head of External Relations – Barcelona Water Cycle – Barcelona City Council. Presenting the SCOREwater project
  • Guest speaker Stijn Steenbakkers, Vice Mayor of Eindhoven. Presenting the Urban Development Initiative.
  • Guest speaker Elaine Trimble, former Siemens Director Urban Development. “For smart cities to be a success, they need to improve our quality of life. Big data plays a critical role in improving air quality, changing the types of energy we use and how we move around our cities.”
  • Guest speaker Jan-Willem Wesselink, author of the book A smart city, this is how you do it. Connected, flexible and meaningful: make the real future city.

About Future City Foundation 
Future City Foundation’s mission is to improve the dialogue between governments, companies and the technology professionals in order to create an open and lasting ecosystem around municipalities and communities.
In this ecosystem we offer them a flexible toolkit for the co-creation of smart digital solutions for the cities.

Future City Foundation stands for a better and healthier urban living environment, now and for generations to come, addressing several of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

We believe that an efficient, inclusive and successful cooperation between governments, companies and technology professionals can contribute to solving the various city’s challenges using the European democratic standards.

We imagine this will become the new normal.

About De Kring
Already for 50 years, De Kring has been the meeting place for Dutch entrepreneurs, professionals, managers, CEOs and directors based in Barcelona and surrounding areas. De Kring organizes monthly dinners with content where people are able to connect, inspire and exchange experiences with the Dutch community living and working in Barcelona.

For more information about the WOW Dinner, please contact Isabel van der Kolk, email: or mobile: +31.653478252